A Bright Barcelona Apartment Has an Extremely Cute (and Organized!) Pantry Idea obsports下载
This renovated apartment in a bustling Barcelona neighborhood feels like a totally relaxing sanctuary surrounded by trees.
A Small Home's Living Room Mixes a Green Sofa, Blue Loveseat, Gold Chair & More obsports下载
Color makes Rita feel, happy and peaceful, which was her #1 goal when decorating. "My second goal was staying on budget, so everything may look very extravagant but in reality my furniture is from Target and Walmart!"
Apr 11, 2022
This Renter's 500-Square-Foot Apartment Was Furnished With Thrifted Finds obsports下载
Everything in Jessica's apartment is thrifted or found on Facebook Marketplace.
Apr 7, 2022
B&A: A Dark, Totally Round '70s Apartment Was Turned into a Pastel '80s Paradise obsports下载
This 1970s Bauhaus-Inspired Munich apartment — which is completely round shaped, by the way — was transformed into a pastel-colored, Memphis-inspired home filled with vintage gems, modern finds, and custom-made furniture designed by the homeowner.
Apr 5, 2022
A Small NYC Apartment Fits a Coffee Station in the Bedroom obsports下载
A love of slick classics paired with minimalist and maximalist design choices — and a desire to wake up to the smell of coffee daily — led Ian to his apartment's design.
Mar 31, 2022
这个房东抛弃女人的乳房灯,Peel-and-St补充道ick Tiles, and More obsports下载
Reed Van Dyck used her time in the pandemic to turn her apartment into a sanctuary for a peaceful night in with her cat and dog. She mixes thrifted and new items to create a space that feels truly hers.
Mar 24, 2022
This Brick-Lined Brooklyn Apartment Is a Grownup Pee Wee's Playhouse obsports下载
Shannon and her partner David have filled their New York City apartment with color and cheeky elements that make them feel at home.
Mar 22, 2022
A Modern NYC Loft's Layout Is Maximized With a Dreamy Glass and Iron Wall obsports下载
When the NYC housing market dropped during the pandemic, Kimberly and her partner decided to buy. They worked with an architect to turn a two-bedroom apartment into a one larger bedroom with home office.
Mar 21, 2022
A 466-Square-Foot Queens Apartment Feels Much Larger Than It Is obsports下载
When NYC rents lowered in the pandemic, children's book editor and author Anna Membrino took the opportunity to live alone for the first time. Mirrors, white walls, and lots of plants help make the small space feel much larger.
Mar 15, 2022
A Renter Filled Her NJ Rental With Pops of Color — Including IKEA Upcycles
"I love color," Dominique, who rents this New Jersey apartment with her fiancé, says. "I feel like a lot of homes I see that are on the higher end are so white/gray and boring... It's been a dream to freely decorate and just be ourselves here. I think we did a good job making it cozy but still elevated and adult without being too boring."
Mar 10, 2022
A Couple's Long Island Apartment Is Southwestern, Boho, Mid-Century & Colorful
Scott and Brian's apartment blends many styles. "What started as a mid-century motif evolved into a very unique living space that surpasses a definitive style marker," Scott writes. "We are very much into warm tones and comfort. We have a love for vintage glassware that can be seen in our decorating style... We have a mix of old and new, high-end and low cost."
Mar 8, 2022
A Set Designer & Stylist Lives in This NOLA Rental Bursting with Color & DIYs
Creative director, prop stylist, and set designer Melissa Cripe says to "create your own world" in your home. "Send yourself secret messages of love and support through your space and what you choose to fill it with," she says. In her New Orleans shotgun, this mantra manifests in whimsical upcycled furniture, rental-friendly murals, and family heirlooms.
Mar 4, 2022
An 800-Square-Foot Duplex in Bushwick Incorporates Greenery in Clever Ways
It's a fusion of mid-century modern and boho with pops of leafy greens.
Mar 2, 2022
This Renter Makes a 660-Square-Foot Apartment's Odd Layout Work Beautifully
Renter Sydney Callands finds a way to make her 660-square-foot apartment's odd layout work. "Sometimes it almost feels like I'm Carrie Bradshaw living her best life in the West Village — emphasis on sometimes," she says.
Mar 1, 2022
An Ottawa Apartment Has Earthy Tones, Secondhand Furniture Flips & Cool Candles
"I create moods with scents, colours, sounds, lighting, and so on," renter Tia Dumoulin says of her 800-square-foot apartment.
Feb 23, 2022
A 450-Square-Foot San Francisco Studio Gets Great Lighting for Lots of Plants
"I love how even in a smaller space I've been able to create several distinct zones that I can enjoy for different reasons, whether I want to lie in bed and nap, spread out on my couch to read and look out on the street below, or get some work done on my computer at my little bistro table corner," SF renter Lydia says. "I've managed to fit many rooms into one!"
Feb 21, 2022
A Boho-Meets-Scandi Studio Has a Light Fixture Made from a Fruit Basket
Senaida's monochromatic studio has "pockets of space for sleeping, doing work, and hanging out" and a genius DIY light fixture to boot. All in 295 square feet!
Feb 16, 2022
A 750-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment Has a Cute and Organized Mini Library
It also has many thrifted finds and original artwork made by renter Jordan Lauf's friends and family.
Feb 14, 2022
A Magazine Editor's Maximalist Rental Is Exploding With Colorful DIYs
Sensi editor-in-chief Stephanie Wilson's apartment is "maximalism to the max" and FULL of wild decor ideas — like contact-paper-covered doors, neon-painted door jambs, and a carefully curated bar-cart-turned-bong-cart.
Feb 11, 2022
A 187-Square-Foot Apartment in Toronto Has Great Furniture for Small Spaces
"I wanted something that was a less-murderous 'American Psycho' vibe with a focus on sustainability and minimalism," renter Wayne Burns says of his cool minimalist pad.
Feb 8, 2022
This Cozy, Warm-Toned Milwaukee Apartment Stylishly Displays Over 300 Books
Taylor and her fiancé celebrate the perfectly imperfect in their space. They believe it's important for a home to look lived-in. Their apartment has parquet floors, neat archways, black hexagon tile floors, and intricate art-deco touches — and of course, books lying around, mugs left out from that morning's coffee, and all its familiar dings and quirks.
Feb 4, 2022
This Eclectic, Travel-Inspired Waterfront Apartment Has Incredible Pops of Teal
Renter Heather Luciano's advice when it comes to decorating is to be unabashedly you. "Being yourself never goes out of style," she says. "I know a lot of people who worry about what’s in or trendy when it comes to fashion and design, and I’ve just never lived that way. I have always over-accessorized, lived in color and pattern, and have been shopping for antiques since I was in grade school."
Feb 2, 2022
A Gorgeous Rental's Colorful Bold Bathroom Ceiling Is a Must-See
Andrea rents this hospital-adjacent apartment out to medical students and traveling nurses, and she wanted it to feel like home for them, "with an atmosphere more eccentric than the typical rental," she says. Because she sourced the furniture secondhand, she could splurge on special finishes.
Jan 31, 2022
A Musician's 550-Square-Foot Los Feliz Apartment Evokes the Sun Through Decor
Vocalist Dana Williams' latest song, "End of the World," has a warmth and coziness to it. It emphasizes slowing down, as does her rental apartment in Los Angeles' Loz Feliz neighborhood.
Jan 28, 2022
A 451-Square-Foot Studio Has Distinct Spaces for Working, Dining, and Relaxing
Erinne moved into this apartment right before the pandemic, and she quickly learned several things: She would need separate zones for working and living, she wanted to love the way her apartment looked from every angle, and she actually loves the color pink.
Jan 24, 2022
An Earth-Toned 1930s Brooklyn Apartment Has Original Floors and Moulding
Richal and Jenny's apartment, which they have lived in for 30 years, is in a pre-war, park-adjacent building built in 1931. Their warm, inviting space retains its original crown moulding and has beautiful chevron flooring in each room.
Jan 14, 2022
A Dutch Apartment Has Beautiful Stained Glass Doors and Painted Walls to Match
"Having lived in a rented 'white box' for a few years where I couldn't put a single poster on the walls, this place turned out the opposite: There's not a single white wall!" says apartment owner Marina Chaccur.
Jan 3, 2022
A 500-Square-Foot Nashville Studio Has Gorgeous Green Walls & DIY Macramé Decor
Musician Katie King's 500-square-foot studio in Hillsboro Village is where she spends time writing and practicing — as well as on other creative pursuits, like painting and macrame.
Dec 22, 2021
This Small Boston Apartment Has Renter-Friendly Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Kristina's apartment is packed with rental-friendly ideas and secondhand finds — almost nothing in her home was bought brand new.
Dec 10, 2021
A 'Blank Canvas' Toronto Apartment Shows How to Highlight Artwork Beautifully
Apartment dweller and art advisor Rachel Elliott's apartment is filled with original works, some of which she planned specifically for her space with the artist. Rachel says: "If you have the opportunity to meet the artists you are collecting and collect from emerging artists, do it! These are relationships that can last a lifetime."
Dec 9, 2021
A 780-Square-Foot Apartment in Bangalore is "Eclectic Chic"
The homeowner, Jonali, says they are drawn to neutral textures and tones, and they add eclectic accessories for a bit of fun and color throughout.
Dec 8, 2021
A 450-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment Blends Rock N' Roll and Classical Art
"My style is sexy and edgy and a little bit frantic, but is also warm and simple and cozy," renter Xenia Polychronis says. "These two 'styles' do not go together on paper, but they go together for me!"
Dec 7, 2021
This Apartment Has Gorgeous High Ceilings, French Doors, and Parquet Floors
Leonor and Pablo live in this apartment that they have filled with secondhand and sidewalk finds along with beautiful retro furniture.
Dec 3, 2021
A Romantic, Lush Apartment Fills 650 Square Feet with Secondhand Finds
"My home is a physical diary of the places I’ve been and the objects and memories I cherish, a place to remind me of the incredible beauty I’ve found during the adventures of my life," Ashley Urban, an eight-year resident of Los Angeles says.
Dec 1, 2021
B&A: An Outdated and Beat-Up 90-Year-Old San Francisco Apartment Got a Facelift
When she and her husband first bought it, Kara Haren's apartment had cranberry painted walls, a kitchen that hadn't been touched in 20 years, and flimsy and cracked windows. In the six years they've lived there, they have renovated each room to feel special and specific to them.
Nov 22, 2021
A 578-Square-Foot D.C. Rental Has a Cute Green Sofa and Bold Botanical Wallpaper
这包风格(和很多纪念品!)into 578 square feet.
Nov 17, 2021
A 375-Square-Foot Dutch Studio Has Cool Architecture and a Very Cute Bed Nook
Renter Jiske Kosian describes her apartment as eclectic, goofy, colorful, original, and Jugendstil (the German iteration of the Art Nouveau movement).
Nov 8, 2021