At Apartment Therapy, we love styling with houseplants. After all, plants make our spaces look prettier, help us feel happier, and don’t require an overwhelming amount of attention (promise!). So whether you're a first-time plant parent or introducing plant number 684 to your tiny apartment, we're here to help it look its best in your space. That’s why we’re sharing design tips, DIYs, and lots of other completely doable ideas to help you decorate with the green growers in your home.


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Here's How to Decorate with Plants, According to Your Zodiac Sign Sponsored
Designing your space is an art that's unique to you. It depends on your personal style and unmistakable eye. But whatever look speaks to you, there’s one thing we can say with certainty: Every aesthetic looks better with greenery.When you think about it, plants are the ultimate versatile home decor. They come in endless shapes and textures, and their pots and accessories present extra opportunities to show off your style. How to choose? Ummmmm, astrology, obviously!
10 DIY Houseplant Markers to Up Your Plants' Style Factor
Sure, plant markers can be practical, but they can be cute and clever as well. Just think of all the greenery puns you can decorate with!

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